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Using Padrino with Ember CLI Part 3: Authentication

Welcome to Part 3 of my Padrino and Ember series. This article is for setting up Ember with our Padrino API...

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Using Padrino with Ember CLI Part 1

After listening to the Ruby Rogues’ Padrino episode I was sold on the idea of using Padrino for smaller websites and simple API’s...

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Simple Search with Laravel and ElasticSearch

I was recently asked to make a search engine for a client's website. Normally I would go down the MySQL fulltext search route but I was feeling rather adventurous at the time. I had no experience with ElasticSearch, Apache Solr or any other search system prior to this so I decided to pick ElasticSearch and dive in head first. This tutorial is a result of some of the things I picked up while learning it.

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Vagrant, RBENV, Rails 4 and PostgreSQL headaches

Well for some reason the PG gem really doesn't like my computer anymore. Long story short I decided that I would fire up a Ubuntu development environment on Vagrant and well, it has been a difficult ride.

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