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Deploying a CraftCMS website with Dokku

I recently set up my personal blog with Craft CMS and wanted to host it on my own server. To make the most of my own servers, I tend to run web applications using Dokku. This blog post goes through the details of the process of doing so for your own projects.

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Using Middleman with Dokku

I Recently started using Dokku for my websites, which has been great for using various versions of languages and frameworks and keeping different versions of dependencies separate.

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Unix commands: Find

After watching one of Gary Bernhardt’s Destroy All Software screencasts I thought I’d take some of his advice and learn about some basic Unix commands. I’m going to start with find.

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Vagrant, RBENV, Rails 4 and PostgreSQL headaches

Well for some reason the PG gem really doesn't like my computer anymore. Long story short I decided that I would fire up a Ubuntu development environment on Vagrant and well, it has been a difficult ride.

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