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Making moderation easy

For just over a year I've been working on a website called [Eurekar]( To describe it briefly, it's a cool little website which has news articles for cars, a fairly complex article search and another search for UK car dealerships.

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Realtime chat with Laravel, Ember JS and Pusher

This article will show you a very bare bones chat system with Laravel 5, Ember JS 1.10 and Pusher.

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Bootstrap 2 pagination in Laravel 5

I recently had to help port a website that used Twitter Bootstrap 2 to Laravel 5 and discovered that changing the pagination template is completely different in Laravel 5.

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Simple Search with Laravel and ElasticSearch

I was recently asked to make a search engine for a client's website. Normally I would go down the MySQL fulltext search route but I was feeling rather adventurous at the time. I had no experience with ElasticSearch, Apache Solr or any other search system prior to this so I decided to pick ElasticSearch and dive in head first. This tutorial is a result of some of the things I picked up while learning it.

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Laravel 4.1 one-to-one polymorphic relationships

To use one-to-one polymorphic relationships in Laravel 4.1 use the "morphOne" method in your models.

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Creating a Twitter Feed in Laravel 4

In this tutorial I aim to show three things: How to get Twitteroath working with Laravel 4. How to create and access a new configuration file for your twitter settings. How to create a helper method for your tweets

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Automating Configurations with Laravel

One of my favourite features of Laravel is how it handles configurations for different environments. You can have different settings for development, staging, beta, production and even separate configurations for each developer working on the project.

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