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Replicating the MacOS Search TextField in SwiftUI

I wanted to add a search text field to a MacOS app that I'm working on and soon discovered it's not available in SwiftUI (as off 5.1). I've put together a quick replication which mostly works, but unfortunately involves some hackiness.

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Making an Electron App with Ember JS Part #2.5: MacOS Notarisation

This is a quick, cheeky part two-point-five of the blog post series “Making an Electron App with Ember JS” where I go over how I built my app [Snipline]( for the web, Mac, Windows, and Linux.

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Creating a global configurable shortcut for MacOS apps in Swift

I recently released my first MacOS app and after a lot of trial and error, discovered that there are not enough Swift for MacOS tutorials! Consider this my first contribution to the cause 🙂.

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Unix commands: Find

After watching one of Gary Bernhardt’s Destroy All Software screencasts I thought I’d take some of his advice and learn about some basic Unix commands. I’m going to start with find.

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